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Valiant Christian Academy of Louisville is dedicated to giving your child the very best education available. We offer grades K4-12. We are Christian private education focused on giving superb education to students as well as building their foundation in Christ. 

All of our academic programs meet and exceed state guidelines for curriculum and content. We use the A-Beka curriculum which is an advanced, Christ-centered curriculum.

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Tutoring Resource Program


Are you seeking a private school that offers a Tutoring Resource Program to your child? Does your child need focused attention in certain areas such as reading and mathematics, or do they have a mild learning disability?

Valiant Christian Academy of Louisville will now be offering a Resource Program that can help with this, next school year. This program will be offered to students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

For as little as an additional $105 a month, your child will receive focused attention 3 times a week for 30 minute sessions from one of our certified teachers during school hours. Or for an additional $180 a month, receive five 30 minute sessions per week. This is literally half of what it would cost for separate tutoring, not to mention saving you the time it would take you in picking up your child, driving to a new location after school hours, etc. Other plans are also available.

School Safety


In order to ensure that we are remaining in the cleanest and safest environment for your children and our staff, we will be checking temperatures of everyone coming into the building at the beginning of the day, and again in the middle of the day. Anyone with a temperature will not be permitted inside the building and will be sent home for the day.

We also will be keeping desks at a safe distance from each other to ensure social distance between students and teachers. We will be sanitizing and cleaning desks often. 

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