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General Information

Please use this page to find general information and forms. We have listed our cafeteria prices.. You can find directions to the school by using the Google map below. We have also listed links to our General Information forms below.

General Info

About VCA

Founded in 2003, Valiant Christian Academy was started with the goal of developing students academically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially and physically through the power of God and a rigorous curriculum.

The faculty and staff at Valiant Christian Academy (VCA) consider the school to be a mission field. We know that in today's society, children are molded into one of two types of people: the hunter or the prey. They are either bullied or become bullies. Children in that type of environment cannot grow and flourish to become what God ordained them to be. They develop hard outer shells to protect themselves. Within two months of attending Valiant Christian Academy, most students begin allowing their protective walls to come down. They find that VCA teachers can be friends and confidantes that can be trusted and are interested in their development as a person, not just as a student.

The students at VCA also foster that safe environment. New students are welcomed as potential new friends and quickly become a part of the family atmosphere that exists here. New students are paired with existing students as part of a "mission" opportunity. Their job is to show the new student around, introduce them to their friends, and generally welcome them to the school.

About VCA
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