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All of our academic programs meet and exceed state guidelines for curriculum and content. We use the A-Beka Curriculum, which is an advanced, Christ-centered curriculum. We have been a member of the Association's of Christian School International (ACSI) since the school's inception in 2003.


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

Anthony J. D'Angelo

All Students

Computer Lab - Beginning in Kindergarten and advancing through High School, students will be taught basic computing and typing skills, computer literacy and proper care of equipment. Students in High School focus on learning and becoming proficient with the Microsoft Office family of programs and HTML language.

Foreign Language - Students will be taught Spanish beginning in Pre-Kindergarten and advancing through 11th grade. Elementary students learn basic words and phrases. High school Spanish includes grammar, reading and writing. Classes are conducted in a bilingual setting with the student's second language readily being practiced and heard in class.


Fine Arts

Art - Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten and advancing through 8th grade, all students will participate in art classes. High School students are required to have one credit in History and Appreciation of Visual/Performing Arts.

Theatre/Music/Dance - Students are instructed in the performing arts and participate in annual productions - Elementary students at Christmas time and High School students during the Spring. These productions are a part of every student's grades. Advanced drama classes are available for students in High School. During many productions, students are called upon to dance, sing, act, or play an instrument. High School students learn the technical aspects of theatrical productions such as make-up, special effects, lighting, sounds, stage direction, and costumes.

Chapel - All students are required to participate in weekly Chapel services conducted by a member of our teaching or pastoral staff. Students participate in morning assembly where praise and worship songs and a word of encouragement will begin their day.


High School Graduation Requirements

Students in 9th through 12th grades are required to have the following credits to complete high school and participate in Commencement Exercises.

Course                                    Credits












High School Course Descriptions

Science - Course content covers the areas of Earth, Space, Physical Creation, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physics from a Biblical standpoint through laboratory experiences, lectures and class activities. All high school students will have the opportunity to participate in the dissection of specimens. Students conduct experiments of various types and examine samples through the microscope.

Health - This course presents students with methods to ease a transition from the role of a child to a role of an independent adult. The study of health encourages useful decisions with the Christian perspective about personal, community and global health issues. Topics in physical and mental health teach students about taking responsibility, understanding personal/emotional needs, setting goals, managing time, eating disorders, substance use/abuse, abstinence and marriage.

Physical Education - This course promotes training and conditioning which increases endurance, strength and flexibility. Students demonstrate safe, responsible behavior and practice good sportsmanship. This leads students to view sports and physical activities as a means to bring honor and glory to God.

Mathematics - Course content includes Basic Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Consumer Mathematics, Business Mathematics, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry) and Calculus. Teachers will provide students with the concepts and tools used for modeling real-world situations. 

English - Course content focuses on Grammar and Composition with a heavy emphasis on Literature, Book Reports and Creative Writing. Also included are Vocabulary, Spelling and Poetry. Through interaction with various genres and themes literature, students develop both their writing and reading comprehension skills. To promote awareness of audience and self-assessment, students share their work with one another in a variety of activities and engage in constructive dialogue about their work. Because increased reading and writing skills are of primary importance in college, students are required to write various types of compositions, both formal and informal on a regular basis.

History - Course content covers World History, U.S History, Geography, Civics, American Government and Economics. These courses seek to give a balanced and biblical worldview of world events, both past and present, through a study of history, geography and government. Student will develop skills for critical thinking, informed judgment, and decision making in order to participate as a citizen in the governmental process. Students will learn the responsibilities that come with our rights as American citizens. We will meet all Kentucky standards and apply history in papers and projects to better understand the impact history has had on our lives today.

Bible - Students engage in Bible class and are challenged to lead lives of moral integrity, spiritual intensity and physical purity. Bible courses are infused with excitement and life-application. The ultimate goal is for the student to gain a true understanding of God's perspective on every area of life and to be transformed by the Holy Spirit to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

College Preparatory - Students in the eleventh grade will participate in this required class which will prepare them for college. Students learn about funding for college, applying for scholarships, registering for the ACT, along with many other things necessary to prepare for college or university.

Elementary Course Description

Phonics/Language - Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, students learn the phonetic sounds of each letter of the alphabet. This system of learning equips students to "sound" out large words in reading and spelling. 

Mathematics - Students begin in Pre-Kindergarten learning their numbers and counting by 2's, 5's & 10's up to one hundred. In successive grades, students are taught addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word problems, counting money, and telling time. As students reach the 6th grade, a basic introduction to Pre-Algebra is taught.

Creative Writing - Students learn to write correspondence letters to other people. As students reach the upper Elementary grades, students will write book reports and expand their literary abilities.

Spelling/Vocabulary - Students in first through sixth grades will have weekly spelling tests and, as students progress, vocabulary definitions are taught.

History - Course content begins in Kindergarten with "Community Helpers"; a course that teaches about various people in their community. The curriculum advances progressively and expands to the state of Kentucky and beyond. Fourth grade students take an annual trip to Frankfort to complete their "State Notebook". Fifth and sixth grades students learn about World History and Geography.

Science - Course content begins with basic knowledge about the animal kingdom and basic health concerns and proceeds with grade level. First and Second grade students watch caterpillars transform into butterflies and then release them. Third through sixth grades will dissect various specimens.

Bible - Students in Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade participate in weekly Bible classes. Teachers emphasize practical application of Biblical standards.


Extracurricular Activities/Events


  • Mission Trips (All grades)

  • Junior Ring Ceremony/Senior Banquet

  • Regional Spelling Bee (Grades 1 through 6)

  • Math Competition (Grades 1 through 8)

  • Science Fair (Grades 1 through 6)

  • Yearbook Committee (Grades 7 through 12)

  • Graduation Ceremony (Kindergarten, 6th, 8th & 12th grades)

  • Awards Ceremony (All grades)

  • Winter Blast Dance (Grades 7 through 12)

  • Fall Festival (All grades)

  • Senior Class Trip (Senior class only)

  • Field Trips (All grades)

  • Student Government (Grades 7 through 12)

  • Field Day (All grades)

  • Good Behavior Incentives - Special quarterly breakfast for students with good conduct - no detentions or office referrals

  • Honor Roll Luncheon - a quarterly luncheon reserved for students on the A or A/B Honor Rolls

Sports Program - Sports at Valiant Christian Academy are student driven and vary from year to year. Students have participated in Volleyball, Basketball, and Baseball. For more information about our sports program please click on the picture below.













Art Appreciation
Physical Education
Foreign Language

Rigorous Electives 

Total Credits Required 

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